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Let's work together if ...
... your brand is compatible with mine.

Not all food blogs are alike. Though I'm an omnivore, recipes developed in the Delightful Repast “test kitchen” include gluten-free, nondairy, vegan and vegetarian as well as dishes that reflect my heritage (half English, half Southern) and eclectic tastes.

I use as many local, seasonal, ingredients—as natural and minimally processed as possible—as I can. My recipes are not the "open a can of this and a package of that" sort. And "doctoring up" a mix is not my idea of baking. I do not eat meat from CAFOs; pastured and grass-fed are my watchwords.

Recipe Development: I can create original recipes for quality brands consistent with the way I cook and eat.

Recipe Testing: I can test recipes for authors, manufacturers, marketers and publishers.

Product Reviews and Giveaways: I accept for review only high-quality items relevant to my blog that I would actually use and feel good about recommending to others. My readers can rely on me for honesty in all my reviews.

Travel, Restaurant and Hotel Reviews: Food, wine, afternoon tea and spas are my priorities when traveling, and no one appreciates fine accommodations more than I. If you would like me to review your hotel, spa, restaurant or attraction, contact me at delightfulrepast at aol dot com.  

Afternoon Tea Reviews and Consulting: My beverage of choice since the age of two is tea, and afternoon tea is a way of life for me. If you are a venue that would like me to review your afternoon tea service or that needs advice about starting an afternoon tea service, let's talk.

Brand Ambassador: I can represent your brand at blogger or food-related conferences or other events.

Editorial Content: I am also a blogger for hire, delivering blog posts to meet your company's needs. See below for more info.

I’ve collaborated with a select group of hotels and brands since 2010. See my Reviews page for a list of links to reviews and giveaways. 


As a freelance writer specializing in food, weddings, etiquette and entertaining, I've written for many magazines and newspapers as well as the Web. Other topics include afternoon tea, wine and travel. And I sell the occasional photo.

I'm often asked which came first, being a cook or a writer. I probably didn't give consideration to being a writer until I was seven, and by then I had already been cooking for a few years!

You may contact me at delightfulrepast at aol dot com.