09 February 2023

Cheese Enchiladas with Homemade Red Enchilada Sauce

Cheese Enchiladas with Homemade Red Enchilada Sauce / www.delightfulrepast.com

Cheese enchiladas—one of my favorite comfort food meals—is the perfect thing to have on the occasion of my 13th blogiversary! Can't believe I haven't posted this before. 

And I can't believe I didn't take a pic of the enchiladas after they were baked! Sorry. They were so pretty!

I like to use a combination of Monterey Jack and medium cheddar cheeses, freshly grated. And, for me, homemade sauce is a must. If you've always used canned sauce, you'll be surprised at how quick, easy, and better homemade sauce is.

The enchiladas can be made ahead and refrigerated until an hour before serving time or baked right after assembling. You'll find baking times for both in step 6. 

After 10 years of posting weekly, I switched to posting every other week, which worked well for 2 1/2 years. Then I went to every three weeks, but I'm finding life so full that those three weeks fly by in a blur. Now at the 13-year mark, I've decided to post monthly, on the second Thursday of every month. 

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Cheese Enchiladas with Homemade Red Enchilada Sauce / www.delightfulrepast.com

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And, again, sorry I didn't take a picture of the 
baked enchiladas for you. But if you could have 
smelled them, you'd see why I wanted to 
dive right in without the usual blog photo shoot! 

Cheese Enchiladas

(Makes 12)

The Sauce

3 tablespoons (1.5 ounces/43 grams) unsalted butter 
3 tablespoons (27 grams) unbleached all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons paprika
1 teaspoon cumin
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper 
1/4 teaspoon cayenne
1/4 teaspoon oregano
2 tablespoons tomato paste 
2 1/2 cups (20 fluid ounces/591 ml) lower sodium chicken broth (or vegetable broth to make it vegetarian)

The Enchiladas

8 ounces (227 grams) medium or mild cheddar cheese, shredded
8 ounces (227 grams) Monterey Jack cheese, shredded 
12 6-inch white corn tortillas
About 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 In skillet, melt the butter and blend in the flour, paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, cayenne, and oregano. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, for 2 to 3 minutes. Whisk in the tomato paste until smooth and fragrant. Whisk in the broth. Bring the sauce to a simmer. When it begins to bubble, continue cooking and whisking for about 10 minutes, until sauce is thickening. Taste and adjust seasoning. Remove from the heat.

2 Combine the two cheeses and set aside 4 ounces/113 grams (1 packed cup) of the cheese mixture to top the filled and sauced enchiladas.

3 Spread 1/2 cup (4 fluid ounces/118 ml) of the sauce in a lightly greased 13x9x2-inch baking dish.

4 Heat a griddle (my square griddle can cook 2 tortillas at a time), put 2 little 1/2 teaspoon puddles of oil (about the size of a quarter) on the hot griddle. When oil is hot, lay down the 2 tortillas and cook for about a minute, turning them several times. Repeat to lightly cook all 12 tortillas. 

5 Spread a tablespoon of sauce on a dinner plate, lay the cooked tortilla on the plate, spread on a tablespoon of sauce, spread a line of shredded cheese mixture, about 3 tablespoons, a heaping packed 1/8 cup (1 ounce/28 grams) across the tortilla, roll tightly, and place seam side down in baking dish, making two rows of six in the dish. Top with remaining sauce and cheese. Cover and refrigerate until an hour before baking time.

6 Preheat oven to 350F/180C/Gas4. Bake for about 45* minutes, or until bubbly. Let stand for 10 minutes before serving. Serve with sour cream and a squeeze of lime; garnish with cilantro or sliced green onions.

* If you're baking the enchiladas right after assembling them, just bake them for about 25 minutes.

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Thomas "Sully" Sullivan said...

Photo of the “uncooked” works for me. Sort of like an x-ray. And queso or carne, enchiladas are definitely a comfort food on my menu. Cheese does that especially well for me, dunno why – a bulk, bland filler? I mean that as a virtue. Sometimes you just want to feel full and only mildly stimulated. Tomato cheese and toast can do it for me the same way….

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Yes, Sully, well said! I like to make the cheese enchiladas with just enough heat to give your tongue a little zing and offer on the side things like hot sauce, pico de gallo, or pickled jalapenos for those who like even more heat.

ellen b. said...

Homemade enchilada sauce is such a good idea. Thanks for the recipe. Happy February to you!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thank you, Ellen. I've never found a storebought one that I like. Most are too tomato-y, some are loaded with garlic powder.

Mrs. White said...

We have never had this before. It looks wonderful! Happy Blog Anniversary! It can certainly be overwhelming to blog weekly. Posting once a month is a good idea!

Lynn and Precious said...

We love enchiladas and I make my own sauce also, however I see great ingredients in yours so I will try something new next time! Lynn and Precious

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thank you, Mrs White. 'Overwhelming' is the perfect word!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Lynn, thanks so much! I hope you'll like it as much as we do.

TONY said...

Right, to start. A couple of things Jean. No, I lie, quite a few things really. First. I have never had enchillados so I have just googled them. I now know. Secondly I will just paste these items from your recipe. Saves typing it all out.
2 teaspoons paprika
1 teaspoon cumin
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon cayenne
1/4 teaspoon oregano
Cayenne, thats hotter than chilli, am I right?
According to my research, cayenne pepper is rated at 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville heat units, which is about 12 times hotter than a jalapeno.When Marilyn and I were in India a waiter at the hotel we stayed in in Delhi gave me a side dish of chillies. I think he thought it was a joke. I thought my head would explode. I have a history of
envigorating encounters with hot peppers. Not sure what scoville rating it was but it was bloody hot.
Thirdly then Jean, will your enchillados blow my head off?
Fourthly, forget all the above and take a bow. 13 years of your great blog. Well done. Very well done Jean. All the best, Tony

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

We just love enchiladas at our house. I grew tomatilloes this summer and have enough green enchilada sauce for years, lol! I have made red sauce before, but it's been a while! Excellent post, as always!!


I had mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese for dinner.Homemade enchilada sauce is such a good idea. Thanks for the recipe. I also follow your blog.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Tony, thank you. Never dreamed I'd be doing this for soooo long! Cayenne is pretty hot, which is why I say start with 1/4 teaspoon, then you can always add a touch more once the sauce is cooked if you like, but you can't take any out! Wouldn't want to blow anyone's head off! 😁

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Marilyn, thank you. I'm sooo jealous—I love tomatillos and green enchilada sauce, but my gardening has really fallen by the wayside these past few years!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thank you, Melody. I sometimes have mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese for lunch, and my husband thinks it's hardly adequate. Glad to hear someone else makes a meal of it!

thepaintedapron.com said...

There is nothing better than good cheese enchiladas! Thanks for the suggestion of making your own sauce, I must try that!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thanks, Jenna! Today I'm making beef enchiladas.

Lorrie said...

We love Mexican food, although I rarely make enchiladas. They do look delicious! Congratulations on your blogging years.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thanks so much, Lorrie! Can't believe it's been that long!

Dee | GrammysGrid.com said...

Sounds like a recipe hubby would like, he loves enchiladas. Thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 100. Shared.

Donna said...

This looks seriously wonderful!!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thanks, Dee. Much appreciated.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Donna, thank you so much!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Seriously lovely comfort food. I'm crazy for recipes with cheese! Thanks for linking Jean, and congrats on 13 years of blogging!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thank you, Gail! Myyy how time flies when you're having fun!

Miz Helen said...

Your post is awesome and thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday, 627. Happy Valentine Day and come back to see us soon!
Miz Helen

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thanks so much, Miz Helen! Happy Almost Spring!

Rena said...

Oh yum. These sound delicious and easy to make. Thanks for sharing this post on the Fine-Whatever link-up.


Angie's Recipes said...

For me, this is better than mac and cheese. How about I bring some pistachio tart over and let's lunch together, Jean? :-)

Sim's Life said...

I have not had enchiladas in years! I really need to make up for lost time and your recipe has definitely inspired me to make some! :) Sim - #PoCoLo x

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thank you, Rena. They *are* easy. Hope you'll try them soon!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Ohhh, Angie, that would be grand!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Sim, thank you! I hope you'll make them soon. I hadn't made them in a while, then I made them three times, but we're still not sick of them!

Jeff the Chef said...

I love this! Looks like it would produce plenty of leftovers, which I'd love.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thanks, Jeff. I do, too! This makes three meals for the two of us. Reheats beautifully—good as new!

Phil in the Kitchen said...

Definitely, definitely better to have that homemade sauce than buy something mass produced. Congratulations on 13 years and many more to come.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thank you, Phil. You've been at this blogging lark for a long time, too, haven't you?!

Dee | GrammysGrid.com said...

Jean, CONGRATS! Your post is FEATURED at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 101!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thanks, Dee! Much appreciated!

chickenruby said...

That looks yummy, thanks for linking with #pocolo

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thanks, Suzanne!

Cocoa and Lavender said...

I lvoe enchiladas - green, red, or Christmas! They look really good.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thanks, David. I've rarely met an enchilada type I didn't like!

Claire Justine said...

Yes, please. This looks amazing :)

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Thank you, Claire!